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There are plenty of different reasons why you would want to build a fence. We always say that for the most part people are trying to fill two main needs with fences. The number one thing that people are looking for is safety. Now, looking for safety does not necessarily mean that you have to build a large fence that you could see in a prison. Safety can also mean that you are looking to build a fence in a pool area so that your toddlers won’t get in unsupervised. 

The other main aspect is style. If you are looking for fencing Franklin Tn style here at Pro Fencing Franklin we have plenty of that!

About Us 
We have been building fences around Franklin for many years. The reason that we have been able to last this long is that we have expanded and adapted accordingly. We can literally build any type of fence that you can think of. That is precisely the reason why we want to have good communication with our clients and potential clients. We know that we need to find out a little about what our clients have in mind so that we can, in turn, offer better options to them! 

Our Services

For the most part, we consider our services to be the variety of fences that we can build. As we’ve mentioned, usually people will have different uses for a fence. Some may need a simple chain link fence on their property just to separate two different areas. Here in Franklin, we know that a lot of people may need help with some of the farm style fences that cover their property. This is also something that we can help people with. Overall if you need to build a fence you know who to call! 

aluminum fence
privacy fence at the backyard
white vinyl fence

Aluminum Fencing
Vinyl Fencing
​Privacy Fencing

Aluminum Fencing
There are certain people out there that will tell you that aluminum fencing is the cheap version of iron or steel fences. We don’t really see it that way. We can’t deny the fact that aluminum fencing is considerably less expensive than other materials that we mentioned. That being said, we still believe that we can build a quality fence out of it that can serve you well for many years to come!
Vinyl Fencing
Vinyl is one of the more versatile materials that we can use to build a fence. We don’t only say that because it can be made to look like wood or take a new look of its own. It can also be molded into many different shapes and sizes that can make for very interesting combinations. This is also one of those main components that for that most part, won’t force you to break the bank in order to get it placed on your property.
Privacy Fencing
This basically goes back to what we talked about when we said that people were looking to build fences in order to feel safe. Privacy fences are a great way to keep your pool area or your backyard from the view of your neighbors or on looking pedestrians. The key here is to be able to build a fence that can provide the privacy that you are looking for without making your backyard look like a prison. To be fully honest, that is at times a lot easier said than done no doubt about it!  

sophisticated aluminum fence
chain link and a leaf
farm fence

Chain Link Fencing
Wood Fencing
​Farm Fencing

Chain Link Fencing
In sense we are kind of seeing the downfall of chain link fencing. The reason that we say this is because in our own personal experiences people are tending to shy away from these types of fences. This usually happens because they have the idea of an old worn down chain link fence. In reality, there are a lot of different designs of chain link fences that you could explore and maybe there is one type of fence that could fit your property well!
Wood Fencing
When we talk about wooden fencing we really can’t help but get nostalgic or talk about more of a country look. These days though wooden fences are as durable and relevant as they have ever been. In our point of view, there is just a certain flair that you are able to get from a wooden fence that is really hard to be able to replicate. If you want to build the modern version of your grandpa’s backyard then we may just be the best people to help you out in that particular endeavor!
Farm Fencing
If you own a farm or just a large property that requires some sort of fencing we can help you box out the perimeter of the property. We use the term farm fencing to refer to the different types of fences that we can build on farmlands. There are always those typical wooden and barbwire fences that we can build to make sure that the animals stay within the property and other people staying out of it! 
vinyl fence
wood fence and a house

Contact Us

​Now that you have gotten the opportunity to take a look at the “range” that we have it may be a good idea to call or contact us! If you have any type of doubts about the different services that we offer or the price tags on each service pick up the phone and let us know! Our customer service agents are waiting for your call! 

I had the guys at Pro Fencing Franklin take care of a large fencing project for me. They literally covered the entire perimiter of my ranch with different types of fences. In working with them on a daily basis for a considerable amount of time I can tell you that they are super professional and they get things done the right way! If I were you I would definitely give them a call!

Kim O.

If you are looking for a new fence call Pro Fencing Franklin. The only thing that you are going to have a problem with is choosing the best fence out of all the great options that they have for you!

Frank D.

Getting more privacy in my pool area was something that I wanted for a while, but I had put off because I didn't want to feel trapped in my own pool. It wasn’t until I got a chance to look at some of the designs made by Pro Fencing Franklin that I really decided to pull the trigger and have them build me a fence. Certainly, it has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

Alex G.