Chain Link Fencing

Chain link Fence

We talked in the home page about how we believe that chain link fences are getting an unjustified bad reputation. The thing is what we have seen is that a lot of times people take building these types of fences into their own hands. Look, we know that we are going to sound bitter if we say that this is a bad thing. Since we have very clear biased that people can point to in these cases. So give us a chance to explain ourselves. Not all people are going to have the same skill and knowledge to be able to put up one of these fences. That is where most of the problems or bad looking fences come from!

Can You Really Design A Chainlink Fence?  

We really have to say yes! Usually, we are going to be a little more limited. Unless we were to make the mesh and the poles ourselves. Which actually is something that we can do. For the most part, though we are usually working with a lot of pre-built materials that can limit creativity. That being said there are still a lot of options out there that we could actually take a very hard look at.

How Long Do These Fences Last?

These types of fences are said to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. At least that is kind of the consensus. That number in our mind though is not that relevant. If you really want to know or anticipate how long your chainlink and wood fence can potentially last there are a couple of factors that you should take into consideration. What kind of conditions is the fence going to be up against? Not all chain link fences are going to have to put up with constant mudslides and people climbing or just pulling on them. Those are all things that you need to factor in!

Can I Color My Chainlink Fence?   

You would probably be surprised to hear that we get this question quite a lot. The answer that we give is yes. For the most part, though we are going to recommend that we use a mesh or poles that have a natural color. We can paint them afterward, but what we really want to avoid is to have to paint them when they are all set up. This is usually going to be a pretty big problem. As we may waste a lot of paint or have to tear down and set back up!

Where Can You Place Chainlink Fences?

This is also a good question. Since a lot of people can take on placing chainlink fences in a yard or in a place filled with dirt. Since it is a lot easier to dig a hole and set the poles in that type of surface than it is when we are dealing with concrete. We know that certain surfaces are easier than others, but overall we can work wherever it is that you need us to work.