Farm Fencing

white fence in the farm

This is the one service where we really believe that it is of the utmost importance that we really have outstanding communication with our customers. It is not that it is not important when building other types of fences. In these cases though, especially if you have animals on your property it is important that we know what type of animals that they are. This can help us determine the type of fence that would fit your property best. So that it will not only keep trespassers out, but the animals in, and in a safe environment.

What Are My Options?

For these types of fences, we actually have plenty of different options to chose from. We can build the typical barbwire or even wire fence with wooden poles. Some of our wooden fences have also become very popular in some of our most recent projects around Franklin. They are the typical wooden fence that you would find in a home. It is kind of a mixture of a chain link fence with wooden sides and with wires running through. As we always say though we don’t want to limit the options that you have available. If you want us to build any other type of fence even if it may not seem you would associate this fence with a farm, we can do that!

Making Sure We Have The Perimeter Right

This is one of the areas where we are going to need your help to make sure that we get things right. It has been our experience that people in a rural setting are very protective of even the slightest patch of land. So for us when we are setting up a perimeter fence we want to make sure that we are just working on the land of the person who hires us. If you could provide us with a blueprint of the property it could really help!

Fixing Existing Fences   

A lot of times these perimeter fences on large areas are not going to be overly taken care of. It is just not a priority for a lot of people and we understand that. You may want to update your perimeter fences though so that you don’t have any problems with animals escaping or any type of unwanted guests. If you are thinking about undertaking a remodeling project of your fences if you will, we would gladly have a chat with you and try to figure out what we can do to make sure that we get the job done right!

Animal Care 

This is something that is important to us, just on the human side, and also because we want to make sure our guys are safe while out work! So, we may need your help once again so that no animals will disturb us while we work or put our guys in danger. So it may be a good idea to set up a plan that sees us work in a certain pattern to avoid contact with animals.Find out much more details about our service.