Wood Fencing

man spray painting the fence

Wood has been a reliable main component for fences throughout history basically. These days it remains a great option as you can create some of the fencing designs with wood. You can easily paint over wood so that makes it really adaptable. There are certain cons that going with wooden fences could have. So, we really do want to go over them. So that when its time for you to pick the fence that you want to build you can have as much information about each type of fence as possible to be able to make the best decision at the end of the day!

Are Wood Fences Durable?  

The real answer to this question is that they can be! There are wooden structures that have stood for years and years. Quite frankly we have seen wood both withstand and crumble. Really the difference between these two outcomes has to with the care that the wood fence, in this case, is going to get. So we could make the argument that wood is sort of like love! In that, it can last as long as you take care of it properly!

Too Much Maintenance?

Leaving some of our cornier references behind we are looking to get a little more serious here. A lot of people shy away from wooden fences because they do require a bit more maintenance than other types of fences out there. We the “excessive” need for maintenance be something that could potentially be a deal breaker? It really depends on how you treat your property. If you are ok with applying some varnish from time to time on the wooden fence you really should not have too many problems. Actually, if you were to look at it the other way around wood can actually be fixed. Other types of fences are a lot more difficult to repair if anything were to happen to them!

Natural Wood or Hybrids

These days there is an option that exists out there when you are trying to build a wooden structure. Wood hybrids are what you could call modified wood that takes different types of tree barks to create and basically different chemicals are added to it so that it will be shinier or more durable. There are different options out there. We would have to say that hybrids are a little better. Especially if you are going to have them placed outside. Again though both options can still work out for you!

Wooden Fence Repairs 

Wood is known to chip, break or lose its flair at times. We talked about how sure, it could need a little more help from time to time. If you know the right people though that should not be too much of a problem. We have seen a lot of wooden fences come through our door, so we know what the best strategy is to either prevent them from breaking or fixing them just in case they already have a minor issue.